Sponsorship for Singapore Packaging Star Awards Gala Dinner 2020

The Singapore Packaging Star Awards (SPSA) Presentation Ceremony, Gala Dinner 2020 this year will be postponed to take place in 2021 with the Gala Dinner for next year and we are looking for sponsors to take up our sponsorship and advertising packages.

The Singapore Packaging Star Award (SPSA), organised by the Packaging Council of Singapore (PCS), an industry group under the Singapore Manufacturing Federation (SMF), is a prestigious national award honouring companies with innovative and creative packaging designs for their products. The award recognizes and rewards excellence in packaging, in areas of construction and materials usage, design, innovation technology and environmental consciousness. The Award is presented to companies and students as part of the efforts from packaging and printing industry to promote local designs and increases the standards of packaging production.

We will be expecting around 150 attendees for the Gala Dinner and each of the attendees will receive the SPSA Gala Dinner 2020 & 2021 Booklet. For more information, please contact SMF’s PCS secretariat Ms Lorelle Ang at 6826 3042.

SPSA Gala Dinner Sponsorship 2020 Circular
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