Packaging Conference 2015

  1. Keynote Address by Mr Pierre Pienaar, World Packaging Organisation (WPO) – “New Direction for the Packaging Industry”
  2. Address by Mr Thomas Yeo, LHT Holdings Limited, Singapore –  “Emerging Trends Packaging in Supply Chain
  3. Address by Mr Lloyd Lowe, BASF South East Asia Pte Ltd – “Sustainable Packaging Trends”
  4. Address by Mr Rick Yeo, Emerging Applications Centre (EAC) Large Area Processing (SIMTech) – A*STAR – “The Global Demand for Electronic Smart Packaging”
  5. Address by Dr Lee Mun Wai, Food Innovation & Resource Centre – “ Technologies for Advances into Food Packaging”
  6. Address by Ms Mayuree Paklamjeak, The Thai Packaging Association – “Global Packaging Trends”
  7. Address by Mr Stefan Phang, Sealed Air Corporation – “The Myth of Degradation for Litter Control”
  8. Address by Dr Leong Yew Wei, Materials Centre of Innovation, Institute of Materials Research –“Smart InnoVentions in Packaging Materials”